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Our brands in 1 overview

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It is also very easy to sort our products by brand, making it even easier to find your favorite product.
Our offer includes major brands such as DS Laboratories Foligain, but also from emerging and very special brands like Billy Jealousy or Swell.

When you click on one of the brands in the survey shows itself all the products we offer them.

Do you miss a product or brand in our offer? Please feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Swell Review

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Last week we wrote very enthusiastic about the new Swell products, and others begin now to notice!
Several magazines and websites have the Swell shampoo and conditioners already received much praise and positive reviews written.
Below we write a ‘free translation’ the GQ-magazine:

Do you see more and more hair in the shower drain? Then it might be time for the next step. Finally, it is much easier to keep your hair than to replace it once it’s gone. Unfortunately, the hair industry is responding by overloading the shelves with anti-hair loss products which they do not all work long. However, one of the most impressive shampoos which we have recently tested is Swell Shampoo.

Swell tegen haaruitval This new 3-step system is the result of a collaboration between Andrew Bidwell; a well-priced hairstylist, and Jonathan Stallich; a homeopath e skin expert. They realized that really good products for thin hair were missing in the market for natural hair care products. They are easy to understand and truly natural system designed for anyone who suffers from thinning hair. With immediate results and stronger and fuller hair after longer use. It promotes hair growth and hair loss will stop.

The products contain no less than 97 per cent natural ingredients. The Swell Shampoo contains Lepidium Meyenil that the hair follicles actively encourages and promotes hair growth. The Swell Conditioner contains Lupinus angustifolius, which improves the strength and elasticity of the hair. The Swell Root Nutrient complex, a light mist and apply to the hair root contains Malas Domsetica that prevents hair loss. When you use these together work together to thin to improve its three products by combining 18 natural ingredients.

The impressive scientific ingredients left there, what does this really your hair? Clinical studies show an indication of 93% improvement in hair growth and reducing hair loss in 50 percent. In other words: hair follicles crisis averted!

Swell – For Ultimate Volume

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swell logoUltimate volume for your hair, who would not want that?
Shampoo, conditioner, mask and more hair growth; Swell makes it happen.

Swell 3-step system

The three steps of Swell system promised ultimate volume for your hair.
The products consist of at least 97% organic ingredients, SLS and Parabens are free and provide the best possible ingredients to your hair.
Step 1 is their Swell Shampoo your hair clean without irritation. Thanks to the mild ingredients let your hair clean and fresh behind.
Step two is their Swell Volume Conditioner. Packed products that year give a boost and provide wonderful volume. Your hair remains immaculate and well behind.
Step 3 is their secret touch, their nutrients;  Swell Root Nutrient Complex. Provides power to your hair follicles, reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.


Swell is a true revolution worldwide. Backed by large leaves and brands STYLIST and VOGUE.
Winner of the Beauty Award Shortlist 2014.




In addition to their 3-step system Swell 2 products pamper your hair and grooming, with her mask and Swell Swell Dry Shampoo. Ideal for travel.


How should I use Swell?

One such quality product also has a clear and simple instructions.
You can find this information on every product page; and the video below summarizes again all together.


What are parabens?

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You’ve probably heard more often about “parabens” and “shampoo without parabens, but what is this? And why you should care or not here? Is it important to get a product without parabens or does it not really matter?

What are Parabens


It consists of a number of different chemical ingredients which ensure that a product remains longer good (retained). There are different types of parabens and find them back in various articles. Usually you can find them in products where a lot of water in here because the chance of bacteria increases, and parabens significant development of bacteria against gaan.Je often found in cosmetics such as shampoo and toothpaste.

As you can read above, paraben added to let go with the product longer. Thanks to its inhibitory effect on bacteria is a good preservative. The death several types of fungi that can not multiply and spoil the product. Thanks to this cheap means keep products longer shelf life and find them so almost anywhere in return.

Are Parabens dangerous?

Since 1950, we know that parabens works well against bacteria and fungi, but in recent years there have been a number of studies that parabens have been linked to health risks caused by absorption through the skin. For example, this study of Reading.

parabenen vrij

One of the studies showed that parabens may disturb the correct functioning of hormones which creates a greater chance of vergifiting and breast cancer. Also were found by a British scientist parabens in several cancerous tumors.

While this is not the proof that these parabens were the cause of the cancer have found that parabens were not broken down by the body as a whole were present in the tumor. It would therefore appear that this material can be fully absorbed through the skin and is no longer degraded by the body. This makes the question arises to what extent it can accumulate in the body and can lead to dangerous situations, especially when used long-term.

With the above information, many people moved in recent years in products without parabens. In particular, people who are sensitive to (breast) cancer often have made the switch to better products. In particular, people with (breast) cancer is in the family to try to avoid this substance. Alternatives often use organic and natural ingredients that have the same positive effects without that there is a risk of side effects.

A low dose of parabens is officially approved safe for the body, but it is currently unclear whether the body over time can save this substance, which creates a higher dose.

Note that parabens exist in different forms, but always ending in “paraben” or “paraben”. Note the label in particular propyl, isobutylparabeen, ethyl paraben and butylparaben.

Alternative to parabens

More and more people switch to paraben free products, allowing manufacturers to follow this happy. We now also have a wide range of products without parabens.

At this time we do not know the precise effects of parabens on the body yet. While the investigations are ongoing, it may be wise to avoid or at least reduce parabens.

Shampoo for sensitive scalp

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If you suffer from sensitive (head) skin, it is important to choose your shampoo carefully. Many shampoos contain ingredients that can irritate your skin unnecessarily. Note in particular substances as SLS, parabens or other unnecessary add such strong perfume or certain dyes. This is not only annoying, but is also bad for your hair. Shampoo that we deal with are specially chosen below if you suffer from sensitive skin.

JASON SLS-vrije shampoo (Fragrance Free)JASON Fragrance Free Shampoo
As the name suggests, this shampoo contains no perfume; and no other unnecessary substances. So you get only the ingredients that are important for proper care and you have a shampoo that can be used safely and with a good feeling. Of course this shampoo without SLS, it contains no parabens and is safe for color-treated hair. The added natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 provide extra care.


keratene-shampoo-tegen-haaruitvalKeratene Organic Shampoo
Developed for use after hair transplant these hypoallergenic formula is ideal for someone who is prone to itching or dehydrated skin. The hair is cleaned well without irritating. Organic ingredients also another go against hair loss and leave your hair clean and fresh behind.



JASON_Thin_to_Thick_Extra_Volume_Shampoo_237ml_1371562922-258x275JASON Thin to Thick Shampoo
Although this shampoo we have not been specially developed for sensitive scalps yet included in this list him, because we have received many comments on this positive shampoo. Many men mention thicker hair and a pleasant texture. The shampoo contains no SLS naturally and gently feels. For us it has long been recommended, but may not be appropriate for people who have very sensitive skin or allergic reaction to perfume.

Shampoo against dandruff

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roosDandruff occurs when the scalp is refreshed frequently.
This keeps white (skin) behind the flakes on the scalp and hair that are visible from the outside. Dandruff is not harmful to your hair, but can be quite annoying. Outside the cosmetic effecet itch and it can also provide for a irritated skin. If you suffer from dandruff shampoo is not any work here against. Simply frequently wash your hair in this case is not effective, you need a special anti-dandruff shampoo.We have a number of shampoos that work well against dandruff:

 Dandrene anti dandruff shampoo

This high-quality shampoo from DS Laboratories contains special ingredients that go against dandruff.
  • Reduces fungi that produce dandruff (dandruff)
  • Reduces the oil on the scalp that feed the fungus
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp with amino acids
  • Reduces inflammation and itching

jason anti roos 2 in 1JASON Anti Dandruff 2 in 1

This JASON shampoo is 2 in 1, and not only washes your hair but also cares for your scalp. The active ingredient zinc pyrthion governed rose, causing scaling and itching are history. Wheat Protein strengthens the hair while nourishing jojoba oil ensures softness and manageability.

The Jason® brand has been around since 1959. It was one of the first producers who offered natural products without harsh chemicals. For over 50 years this brand of no-nonsense, natural products that are also still work very well. The products contain no petrolatim, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate (SLS), and parabens. The products are not tested on animals.

Shampoo against Hair Loss

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HaargroeiShampoo is the basis of good care of your hair. It makes your hair clean, it gives the necessary nutrients and ensure that it is protected. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shampoos that do not do this or only in limited sizes. Today, we put our shampoos for hair loss in a row with their strengths.

What is a good shampoo for hair loss?

SLS: In our shop you’re only find shampoos without SLS. This is a mild detergent solution that you back unfortunately found in the majority of the shampoo’s. It is also used in cleaning products due to its aggressive nature. Good to wash oil out of your engine, so it does not belong on your hair and scalp! You will find us good shampoo for hair loss in women.

Ketoconazole: This ingredient is actually in pretty much every good shampoo for hair loss. Ketoconazole reduces itching, works against any fungi (dandruff) and also going against hair loss! Research shows that Ketoconazole can be an effective remedy for hair loss.Also ingredients like Niacin, Saw Palmetto, Emu Oil, Copper peptides and Zinc you will find regularly.

DHT: DHT is the main cause of hereditary hair loss. This powerful hormone causes the hair follicle is becoming weaker and eventually dies. When DHT is reduced, this reduces the hair making your hair more opportunity to grow strong and healthy.

Best Shampoo against Hair Loss?



Critically acclaimed and long enjoyed a worldwide favorite. This shampoo is the product of years of research and is packed with quality ingredients and technology.

  • Contains Ketoconazole, Rooibos, MSM and Biotin.
  • intensely nourishes the hair follicles, whereby the hair growth promoting is
  • Caffeine and carnitine ensure better uptake
  • Includes Apple Polyphenol, an ingredient that research only shows up to
  • 200% more effective than Minoxidil
  • From the highly acclaimed brand DS Laboratories

The shampoo comes in a beautiful package, is easy to use and smells good. The orange color may be getting used to, but actually gives charm to this well-known shampoo. Make sure to travel with the pack somewhat may be easily opened.

Revivogen (€25,-)Revivogen

Particularly abroad a popular shampoo. Revivogen distinguishes itself by starting from natural resources.

  • reduces DHT
  • Contains natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Jojoba and Niacin.
  • A special technique brings important ingredients directly to the hair follicles
  • Comes in a large bottle (250 ml)

Keratene (€22,95)

A “new” player on the market, but not to be underestimated. This shampoo is designed for use after a hair transplant and is extra gentle on your hair. The nourishing ingredients make your hair stronger.

  • Inhibits 5ARD, a major cause of hair loss
  • Hypoallergenic formula, perfect for sensitive people
  • Perfect after a hair transplant

Which shampoo should I choose?

The choice of shampoo depends on a lot of factors. With this list we hope to be given a little support and to make the choice easier. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you with a good shampoo for hair loss.

5 myths surrounding hair loss

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There are quite a few myths about hair loss. Because hair loss is such a lengthy process, it often is difficult to determine the cause. In this article we discuss some myths and fables surrounding hair loss, so you do not here kicks anyway!

Myth 1: A hat creates hair loss

highlights haar

No! A cap, hat or anything else on your head does not cause hair loss. Your hair grows from the inside (under your scalp), and also get nutrients from your bloodstream. It can not choke by wearing a cap. Note: Make sure your pet is not too tight. When your scalp afbind this can reduce circulation causing or may cause damage to the hair. The same phenomenon can occur with highlights and extensions.

In men, hair loss is often caused by genetic factors, not wearing a hat. Indeed, in the sun can be good to wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp from the sun.

Make sure your pet does is clean. If you sweat a lot on your mind, wash your pet than regular.

Myth 2: Hair loss comes from your mother’s side

The research here is not 100% clear yet, but it seems that your father’s side as playing a major role as your mother’s side. Thus, it is not limited to the side of your mother; and it is good to look at the hair loss in your whole family to see if you are here possibly sensitive. It seems, however, that particular hair loss is passed through the X chromosome, which you get from your mother. But other research shows that there are more factors, which also male genes play a big role in hair loss. When your father is suffering from hair loss is more likely that you will also get affected.

Myth 3: Only men suffer from hair loss

This myth seems to have left the world by now, but to avoid any misunderstanding: women, unfortunately, suffer from hair loss! Where men, the percentages add up to more than 90%, also less than 40% of women suffer from hair loss! Not only genetic factors play a role, even hormonal changes can affect.

Myth 4: Hair Loss occurs as you get older

norwood_scaleHet is inderdaad zo dat naarmate je ouder wordt de kans op haaruitval groter wordt. Bij mannen ouder dan 65 jaar heeft maar liefst 80% last van haaruitval. Maar helaas begint het niet altijd pas op late leeftijd. Ook op jonge leeftijd (zelfs vanaf 16 jaar) kan haaruitval optreden. Bij vrouwen ligt deze leeftijd gelukkig iets hoger, maar ook al vanaf je 20e.  Indien ernstige haaruitval op jonge leeftijd begint en zeer direct verloopt is het belangrijk om de oorzaak hiervan te achterhalen.

Myth 5: Stress causes hair loss

Yes and no. It is quite normal (and even healthy degree) to have a little stress. Everyone in his life stressed, but not all stress makes your hair fall out. Particularly stress caused by highly emotional events, such as the loss of a loved one, can cause hair loss. Think of an event that make you sleep poorly, are no longer hungry and have everyday stress. Fortunately, the hair grows back normally after the stress is less or stops.

Shampoo for children

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jason kinder shampoo

Recently, we have proudly special baby and children shampoos!

These shampoos are extra mild and gentle on sensitive skin. Cute packaging and special fragrances ensure that your kids like to use it!

The brand JASON always guarantees natural products without harsh chemicals or ingredients that you do not want on your skin! The shampoo is SLS free, contains no parabens and is completely safe to use.

The JASON Kids Only does have a very special fragrance, namely chewing gum! This smell wash your kids’ hair with pleasure.

Lots of fun 🙂


Causes of Hair Loss

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photo 2Hair loss can cause a lot of extra care and stress. Although it is more common in men, too many women suffer from hair loss. In many cases, there are ways to counteract this hair loss, but it is important to know the reason or cause of hair loss.


This applies to both physical and emotional stress. Consider also recovering after a serious illness or operation; but also emotional stress because you are going through a difficult period, or because there’s something bad happened in your life. Hair loss due to stress can occur quickly, but recovered to normal after about 3 to 6 months after the cause has been stopped.

Please note there that stress is not always the main cause, but that may be an underlying problem highlighted by stress. For example if you are suffering from hereditary hair loss, stress can exacerbate this. A product that can help against this is Spectral F7.


Some women suffer from hair loss during pregnancy. This is usually after the birth and not during the pregnancy itself. Often this type of hair restored also after a number of months. Optionally, it is possible to use a thickening shampoo to hide thinning hair.


The reason which causes by far the largest proportion of all hair loss, also known as ‘AGA’. In men walking the percentages up to 60/80% increasing age. Fortunately, this percentage among women less, but some women are also affected. When it occurs in the family is more likely. In hereditary hair loss Minoxidil is an effective remedy for hair loss.

protein deficiency

According to a survey in America can a shortage of protein care of hair loss. However, almost before they have a protein deficit in the Western world. Please note if you change example of diet or vegetarian is that you get enough protein. Often force the first symptoms 2 to 3 months after the change on.