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Hair Loss

Revivogen Pro

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What is Revivogen Pro?

Revivogen PRO represents the first medically-formulated natural solution for thinning hair from the dermatologist office to the salon. Formulated by renowned dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD, Revivogen products have been successfully used to treat thinning hair in dermatology offices, hair transplant clinics, and pharmacies in the US and 40 countries worldwide. Revivogen PRO brings this clinically successful product to the Salon Professionals and Clients seeking a medically-based, natural and effective solution for fine and thinning hair.

  •  Address the root cause of thinning hair safely and effectively using natural ingredients.
  • Gently cleanse and exfoliate the scalp for an optimal hair growth environment.
  • Add body, shine and density to fine and thin hair for healthy and luxurious hair.


Look and feel younger as Revivogen PRO transforms thin and lifeless hair into thicker, fuller and youthful hair.


See significant results’? Results are seen immediately after 1 use. The hair appears thicker, fuller and healthier. After 2 months the hair feels thicker, after 6 months there is visible improvement, and after 1 year maximum results are achieved.


No systemic side effects!


Revivogen PRO uses natural ingredients that have been clinically proven effective in their abilities to block the hormones that cause thining hair and naturally stimulate the hair to growth thicker again.


Natural Fatty Acids; Alpha Linolenic Acid, Gamma Linoleic Acid, Saw Palmetto Extract, Caffeine

Clinical Trials

Independent In-Vitro Clinical Studies, Panel Studies, Independent Panel Studies.
Clinically proven 88% effective without systemic side effects.


Because Revivogen is applied as a Hair Loss Treatment where needed, on the scalp, it blocks the DHT in the hair follicles, transforming thin and lifeless hair into thicker, fuller and healthier hair. This means Revivogen doesn’t reduce DHT throughout the entire body, which can lead to potential side effects like loss of libido in men.

Supplements against hair loss

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Hair loss comes from within; it’s your body that damage the hair follicles which can cause long-term hair loss. In order to reduce this effect, it is possible to take supplements. These supplements are typically in the form of a pill that you take a daily basis.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss is largely caused by DHT, an aggressive hormone that can cause the hair follicles shrink and eventually die. Under a bodily enzyme 5-alpha-reductase testosterone is converted to DHT. Most supplements reduce this conversion, or go against the amount of free DHT. When DHT is reduced, the chance of hair loss is also smaller.



TRX2 is described as an alternative to finasteride. It promotes hair growth and gives the hair more volume. TRX2 is a dietary supplement containing a patented complex of potassium, Carnipure ™ tartrate (L-Carnitine tartrate), BCAA, Nicotinic acid and essential nutrients.

From 2 pieces also get an additional discount.






Toppik Hair Nutrition

Supplement voor je haar

This supplement Toppik support weakened hair; and helps to keep your hair healthy and strong. It is a blend of essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Ingredients like Keratin Protein, Biotin, red palm oil and Camu Camu care of her hair from the inside, you important nutrients and act as an antioxidant.

It is recommended to take two capsules each day. Each box contains 60 capsules, enough for 1 month.



Keratene Alphactive Retard

Keratene alphactive retard capsules

This supplement specifically acts on the enzyme which ensures that testosterone is converted to DHT. This reduces the free DHT thus reducing the chance of shrinking the hair follicles and weaken.

In this way is slowed down hereditary hair loss and to keep the hair longer healthy and strong. Beginning in 2016 this product is improved and more effective.

In one package contains 60 capsules, enough for 1 month.




Shampoo for men

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Ketoconazole shampoo

A shampoo for men is not the same as a shampoo for women.

There are obvious things like smell and appearance that are different, but there are important things differently. The scalp and hair of a man are not the same as with a woman, and the shampoo can be developed for this purpose.

Please also note that there is a big difference between a shampoo with long hair or short hair. With short hair, the shampoo should include extra gentle on the scalp, as this part is always crops. With long hair can be changed occasionally between washing only the ends.

Top 3 shampoo for men

Below is our top three shampoos for men. If you suffer from dry or damaged hair, we always recommend a good conditioner.

1. Revita Shampoo

Revita Shampoo

In many lists at number 1. This Revita Shampoo is our overall winner of the best shampoo for men. SLS free, paraben and with high quality ingredients that prevent hair loss and give her a fuller and thicker look.

Consider ingredients like Ketoconazole, Biotin and rooibos. These soothe the scalp, prevent itching and irritation, and give the hair a thicker appearance. MSM amino acids and assist in the growth of hair.

Orange fragrance, separate packaging and delicious fragrance ensure that Revita shampoo feels comfortable and easy to use.

Revita shampoo is especially recommended for men who suffer from hereditary hair loss but can also be used by others.
Available in 180 ml and 925ml.

Shampoo against Hair Loss

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HaargroeiShampoo is the basis of good care of your hair. It makes your hair clean, it gives the necessary nutrients and ensure that it is protected. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shampoos that do not do this or only in limited sizes. Today, we put our shampoos for hair loss in a row with their strengths.

What is a good shampoo for hair loss?

SLS: In our shop you’re only find shampoos without SLS. This is a mild detergent solution that you back unfortunately found in the majority of the shampoo’s. It is also used in cleaning products due to its aggressive nature. Good to wash oil out of your engine, so it does not belong on your hair and scalp! You will find us good shampoo for hair loss in women.

Ketoconazole: This ingredient is actually in pretty much every good shampoo for hair loss. Ketoconazole reduces itching, works against any fungi (dandruff) and also going against hair loss! Research shows that Ketoconazole can be an effective remedy for hair loss.Also ingredients like Niacin, Saw Palmetto, Emu Oil, Copper peptides and Zinc you will find regularly.

DHT: DHT is the main cause of hereditary hair loss. This powerful hormone causes the hair follicle is becoming weaker and eventually dies. When DHT is reduced, this reduces the hair making your hair more opportunity to grow strong and healthy.

Best Shampoo against Hair Loss?



Critically acclaimed and long enjoyed a worldwide favorite. This shampoo is the product of years of research and is packed with quality ingredients and technology.

  • Contains Ketoconazole, Rooibos, MSM and Biotin.
  • intensely nourishes the hair follicles, whereby the hair growth promoting is
  • Caffeine and carnitine ensure better uptake
  • Includes Apple Polyphenol, an ingredient that research only shows up to
  • 200% more effective than Minoxidil
  • From the highly acclaimed brand DS Laboratories

The shampoo comes in a beautiful package, is easy to use and smells good. The orange color may be getting used to, but actually gives charm to this well-known shampoo. Make sure to travel with the pack somewhat may be easily opened.

Revivogen (€25,-)Revivogen

Particularly abroad a popular shampoo. Revivogen distinguishes itself by starting from natural resources.

  • reduces DHT
  • Contains natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Jojoba and Niacin.
  • A special technique brings important ingredients directly to the hair follicles
  • Comes in a large bottle (250 ml)

Keratene (€22,95)

A “new” player on the market, but not to be underestimated. This shampoo is designed for use after a hair transplant and is extra gentle on your hair. The nourishing ingredients make your hair stronger.

  • Inhibits 5ARD, a major cause of hair loss
  • Hypoallergenic formula, perfect for sensitive people
  • Perfect after a hair transplant

Which shampoo should I choose?

The choice of shampoo depends on a lot of factors. With this list we hope to be given a little support and to make the choice easier. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you with a good shampoo for hair loss.

5 myths surrounding hair loss

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There are quite a few myths about hair loss. Because hair loss is such a lengthy process, it often is difficult to determine the cause. In this article we discuss some myths and fables surrounding hair loss, so you do not here kicks anyway!

Myth 1: A hat creates hair loss

highlights haar

No! A cap, hat or anything else on your head does not cause hair loss. Your hair grows from the inside (under your scalp), and also get nutrients from your bloodstream. It can not choke by wearing a cap. Note: Make sure your pet is not too tight. When your scalp afbind this can reduce circulation causing or may cause damage to the hair. The same phenomenon can occur with highlights and extensions.

In men, hair loss is often caused by genetic factors, not wearing a hat. Indeed, in the sun can be good to wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp from the sun.

Make sure your pet does is clean. If you sweat a lot on your mind, wash your pet than regular.

Myth 2: Hair loss comes from your mother’s side

The research here is not 100% clear yet, but it seems that your father’s side as playing a major role as your mother’s side. Thus, it is not limited to the side of your mother; and it is good to look at the hair loss in your whole family to see if you are here possibly sensitive. It seems, however, that particular hair loss is passed through the X chromosome, which you get from your mother. But other research shows that there are more factors, which also male genes play a big role in hair loss. When your father is suffering from hair loss is more likely that you will also get affected.

Myth 3: Only men suffer from hair loss

This myth seems to have left the world by now, but to avoid any misunderstanding: women, unfortunately, suffer from hair loss! Where men, the percentages add up to more than 90%, also less than 40% of women suffer from hair loss! Not only genetic factors play a role, even hormonal changes can affect.

Myth 4: Hair Loss occurs as you get older

norwood_scaleHet is inderdaad zo dat naarmate je ouder wordt de kans op haaruitval groter wordt. Bij mannen ouder dan 65 jaar heeft maar liefst 80% last van haaruitval. Maar helaas begint het niet altijd pas op late leeftijd. Ook op jonge leeftijd (zelfs vanaf 16 jaar) kan haaruitval optreden. Bij vrouwen ligt deze leeftijd gelukkig iets hoger, maar ook al vanaf je 20e.  Indien ernstige haaruitval op jonge leeftijd begint en zeer direct verloopt is het belangrijk om de oorzaak hiervan te achterhalen.

Myth 5: Stress causes hair loss

Yes and no. It is quite normal (and even healthy degree) to have a little stress. Everyone in his life stressed, but not all stress makes your hair fall out. Particularly stress caused by highly emotional events, such as the loss of a loved one, can cause hair loss. Think of an event that make you sleep poorly, are no longer hungry and have everyday stress. Fortunately, the hair grows back normally after the stress is less or stops.

Causes of Hair Loss

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photo 2Hair loss can cause a lot of extra care and stress. Although it is more common in men, too many women suffer from hair loss. In many cases, there are ways to counteract this hair loss, but it is important to know the reason or cause of hair loss.


This applies to both physical and emotional stress. Consider also recovering after a serious illness or operation; but also emotional stress because you are going through a difficult period, or because there’s something bad happened in your life. Hair loss due to stress can occur quickly, but recovered to normal after about 3 to 6 months after the cause has been stopped.

Please note there that stress is not always the main cause, but that may be an underlying problem highlighted by stress. For example if you are suffering from hereditary hair loss, stress can exacerbate this. A product that can help against this is Spectral F7.


Some women suffer from hair loss during pregnancy. This is usually after the birth and not during the pregnancy itself. Often this type of hair restored also after a number of months. Optionally, it is possible to use a thickening shampoo to hide thinning hair.


The reason which causes by far the largest proportion of all hair loss, also known as ‘AGA’. In men walking the percentages up to 60/80% increasing age. Fortunately, this percentage among women less, but some women are also affected. When it occurs in the family is more likely. In hereditary hair loss Minoxidil is an effective remedy for hair loss.

protein deficiency

According to a survey in America can a shortage of protein care of hair loss. However, almost before they have a protein deficit in the Western world. Please note if you change example of diet or vegetarian is that you get enough protein. Often force the first symptoms 2 to 3 months after the change on.