Spectral Products

Below you will find an overview of all Spectral products developed by DS Laboratories. The Spectral products are known for the high quality and are developed by one of the world leaders in products against hiar loss.

Spectral DNC-N

This lotion contains 5% Nanoxidil and is even more effective than Minoxidil, without the side effects.
Target group: Average to advanced hair loss.


  1. Most popular lotion against hair loss.
  2. More effective than minoxidil.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. No side effects.
  • Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil)


Spectral DNC-S

Spectral DNC-S is the most advanced lotion in the DS-Laboratories line up. Two separate tubes come together for maximum effectiveness.
Target group: Advanced hair loss.


  1. Effective treatment against hair loss.
  2. No oils, not sticky.
  3. The ingredients are mixed during appliance for maximum effectiveness.

Spectral F7

Spectral F7 is developed for people suffering from hair loss due to stress.
Target group: Hair loss caused by stress.


  1. Easy to use, absorbs quickly.
  2. Specific for stress hair loss.
  3. Can be used in addition to other products.

Spectral CSF

Spectral CSF is designed for women suffering from hair loss due to hormonal imbalances.

Target group: Women, especially around menopause.


  1. Specifically designed for women.
  2. Helps to limit the damaging affects of hormonal imbalances that can cause hair loss.

Spectral RS

Spectral RS is meant for people that have non-hereditary hair loss. For example due to illness, vitamin deficiency or other external influences.

Target group: Non hereditary hair loss


  1. Quickly absorbs without side effects.
  2. Can help reduce hair loss cause by external factors.