Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil)

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  • The improved version of Minoxidil
  • Helps against Hair Loss
  • Reduces DHT and promotes hair growth
  • Effective on both the vertex as the scalp
  • Is easily absorbed by the skin
  • Thanks to nano-molecules the ingredients reach the hairs better
  • Less possible side effects as minoxidil
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Nanoxidil against hair loss

Spectral.DNC-N® is the first topical hair-loss treatment to employ 5% Nanoxidil®, a powerful new alternative to Minoxidil, a compound with high efficacy, low molecular weight, and no known side effects. It arms men and women with a powerful new tool against hair loss. The compounds used in Spectral.DNC-N, have shown in various clinical studies to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss through opening ion channels within cells, suppress dihydrotestosterone (DHT), prevent perifollicular fibrosis, provide antioxidant effects, prolong the anagen phase of hair follicles, increase expression of vascular endothelial growth factor, suppress protein-kinase-C (PKC) isozymes, and block chronic inflammation.

These compounds may also exert beneficial effects on other processes that are not yet fully understood. The use of Nanosome technology helps to enhance the active transport of these substances significantly into the skin and to prolong their actions. The advanced therapy for hair regrowth treats continuously for over 12 hours—significantly longer than conventional alopecia treatments—due to our proprietary Nanosome encapsulation.

An alternative to Minoxidil with multiple mechanisms of action

People disappointed with the limited scope of minoxidil solutions and foams often get better results from Spectral.DNC-N indicated for early to moderate stages of hair loss. This treatment takes a multilateral approach to hair growth and hair loss prevention.

Treatment for vertex and hairline

Key compounds promote hair growth at the hairline as well as at the vertex. Azelaic Acid and Caffeine block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) associated with androgenetic alopecia, open ion channels in follicle cells, stimulate the anagen phase of hair follicles, and reduce scalp inflammation.

Boost your hair growth

Men and women disappointed with minoxidil products often enjoy better results from Spectral.DNC-N because it contains novel active ingredients that work through complementary pathways and have no reported side effects. Spectral.DNC-N enables patients to maintain healthy-looking hair while promoting hair growth in the desired areas. It often works faster and more effectively for men and women who did not respond well to standard leave-in treatments.
  • 5% Nanoxidil® topical treatment for hair loss: The alternative to Minoxidil developed first by DS Laboratories, Nanoxidil® employs a complex matrix to open ion channels in hair follicles, with a lighter molecular weight to enhance its bioavailability.
  • Water-Based Formula (non-greasy): Unlike Minoxidil, our formula is Propylene glycol free, an agent that commonly causes irritation and contact dermatitis, with even more frequent complaints of promoting greasy hair.
  • Blocks DHT Formation: DHT is a major cause and the responsible for male pattern hair loss linked to genetics and aging. Caffeine and Azelaic Acid block the conversion from testosterone to DHT.
  • Prevents Hair Loss: Our exclusive formula helps stop hair loss and stop the natural progression; in some cases, it can help grow new hair.
  • Frontal & Vertex: Our unique formulation helps prevent hair loss and stimulates the growth not only in the vertex, like Minoxidil but in the whole head.
  • Advanced Nanosome delivery of ingredients: Our proprietary Nanosome delivery technology encapsulates key compounds in microscopic liposomes to penetrate deeper into epidermal cells for maximum results.

How to use

Shake well before use. Apply six sprays twice per day directly on the affected area. Rub in the liquid evenly. Wash hands with soap and water immediately after use. This is a leave-in treatment that should not be rinsed after application. Use regularly as directed, without interruption, for optimal hair growth. For best results, use Revita Shampoo & Conditioner to increase the efficacy of your treatment.

How does it work?

  • Opens ion channel in skin cells to improve the free flow of potassium ions across cell membrane for optimal growth.
  • Stimulates the anegen (growth) phase of hair follicles.
  • Suppresses dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the male hormone associated with thinning.
  • Treats continuously for 12 hours – much longer than conventional products – due to Nanosome encapsulation

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  1. Brat

    I use this lotion together with revita shampoo. I have some new hairs on the back of my head, hopefully it will become more.

  2. richard

    I have been using this every day. No side effects and results seem positive.

  3. Tom

    Haven’t been using it for so long but first result is already happening!

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