Hair Loss – Causes and Solutions

Hair loss Men

The most common cause of hair loss in men is AGA (androgenic alopecia), also known as hereditary hair loss. In this type of hair loss the hair loss occurs in a very typical way, which can be summarized in a few steps. It often starts at the crown (back of your head) and at the front of the head; also known as coves next to the temples. When these areas are spreading the bald spots become bigger and eventually the head on top can be completely bald. The cause of AGA in many cases is strong hormone DHT. It is shown that not less than 85% of all men suffer some kind of har loss before the age of 50.

Hair Loss men pattern

Hair loss Women

Hair loss in women usually occurs through a different pattern than in men. Usually, the hairs become thinner more gradually; starting at the front and side of the head, while the back remains fairly thick. In particular after the menopauze there appears to be an increased risk for the type of hair loss. You can read all about it on this page about hair loss in women.


Hair Loss Women

Hair loss treatment

While hair loss can be a long term process, there are many things you can do against it. It is important to choose the right hair growth products and to use it for an appropriate amount of time time. It is essential to know what kind of hair loss you have. In this article we are talking about AGA; hereditary hair loss. If you want to stop hereditary hair loss, you have a number of possibilities.


Probably the most commonly used remedy against hair loss. Nanoxidil is a liquid and should be applied to the scalp twice a day, in which the liquid stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Instead of taking pills you apply the lotion directly to the affected areas. a

Vitamins for hair loss

When your hair is becoming thin it might help to provide it with the appropriate nutrition from the inside out. In case you take a daily vitamin which will help to slow down hair loss and increase hair growth. Hair Growth vitamins usually consist of a certain array of ingredients that have been shown to increase the speed of hair growth. They are the perfect addition to a lotion and shampoo. We usually recommend to use those three products for maximum results.

Shampoo against hair loss

A anti hair-loss shampoo focuses on hair regrowth to make the hairs stronger again. It helps reduce hair loss and keeps the scalp in optimal health. These shampoo’s can be combined with hair-loss lotions to optimize their performance. Our most sold shampoo is Revita Shampoo. This product combines several ingredients to tackle hair loss and helps the hair to appear thicker with more volume. Perfect when you are suffering from fine and limp hair.

Hair Fibers

In case you would like to hide your hair loss or looking for a quick way to increase hair volume, hair fibers an be an amazing addition to your hair products. They instantly create more volume in your that help hide thin and bald spots. These concealers try to blend with the natural color of your hair, so nobody can even see you are using them. If you still have enough hair, concealers can offer a good solution. It works to hide baldness and the results can be quite impressive. Concealers come in various types such as hair fibers, sprays, and a type of pasta.

Hair Building Fibers

The most famous hair fibers come from Toppik brand. Hair fibers are tiny fibers which, thanks to a magnetic charge ‘stick’ to your hair. This makes your hair looks suddenly much thicker. This additional structure may hide bald spots. They remain in your hair until you wash them with shampoo. After that you need to reapply them. It usually takes about 30 seconds and provides a significant effect in hiding hair loss. Toppik Hair building fibers are safe to use and do not damage your hair or scalp.

Hair Fiber Spray

This spray against thin hair actually looks a bit like hair fibers, only the fibers are processed directly into a spray. The spray distributes the fibers evenly throughout your hair. This spray is extremely easy to use but for some precise finishing touches the fibers might be better to use. Personally we often use a combination of the two for the quickest and best results.


A third solution to conceal hair loss is a sort of paste that matches with the color of your hair. This paste makes your scalp match the color of your hair. As a result it is much harder to see the scalp, which in effect makes the hair loss look less severe. The contrast between hair and scalp is smaller and less noticeable. We use to stock Couvre paste but his product has gone out of stock. Luckily we have a beautiful alternative in KMAX Scalp Shader.

Dealing with Hair loss

Hair loss is different for everyone. Some withdraw nothing of it, but enough people have a lot of problems! Sometimes simply shave not an option. Accepting and dealing with hair loss is a challenge. If you suffer from hair loss and you want to do something with it, it is important to consider your well informed and carefully about what you want. Hair loss and hair growth processes of several years, a good plan is important. Do you suffer from hair loss? Look at your options

Alopecia areata

Alopecia aerata is a form of a skin disease. By affecting the skin hair falls out, usually on top of the head but also around the beard. This skin disease is brought into relation with autoimmune disease. Mostly young people suffer here, but chances are that the hair over time to grow back again.

Is Hair loss hereditary?

Hereditary hair loss is, as the name suggests, hereditary. It can come from both sides, so both your mother and your father; and it can even skip a generation.