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  • Our most popular shampoo against Hair Loss.
  • Provides volume for fine and thinning hair.
  • Contains MSM, Biotine & Rooibos.
  • Helps relieve itching and irritated scalp.
  • Free from SLS and harsh ingredients.
  • Contains 205ml.
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Revita Shampoo against Hair Loss

Revita Shampoo is one of the most popular shampoo’s against hair loss in the world. It contains high quality ingredients that helpt fight hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. It has been established name for many years, and our absolute favorite. With ingredients like MSM, Biotin and Rooibos it provides strong support against hair loss. The shampoo is SLS-free, which limits the possibility of unnecessary irritations. Amizono acids and Emu oil help to keep the hair follicles in optimal condition. Caffeine and Carnitine promote healthy hair growth.

Revita shampoo is the most effective shampoos to preserve your current hair, halt a stop to thinning hair and maintain a healthy scalp. Powerful ingredients work together to stop thinning hair like no other formula can. Revita also contain key compounds to hydrate, nourish, and stimulate hair. No matter how much hair has been lost already, using Revita shampoo means improving the vitality of scalp, maintaining the quality of hair, and stimulating the construction of new hair strands. The formula leaves hair looking and feeling fuller and softer, as well as smelling fresh.

Hair-stimulating shampoo

At the first sign of hair thinning, it is important to make sure that no unnecessary damages is done too the scalp due too harsh chemicals. After making sure this does not happen it is recommended to start addressing the follicles with proven compounds.  Revita should be the shampoo component of anyone’s regimen to stop hair thinning, increase scalp vitality and health. Unlike common shampoos, Revita contains no sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, or other cheap detergents that inflame scalp tissue. Instead, it deploys natural cleansers; ingredients to increase scalp health and compounds to boost hydration, nutrition, and protein. Synergies between these cutting-edge ingredients mean that Revita can help address thinning and support restoration.

How to use Revita

Premature hair thinning generally distorts and diminishes self image in proportion, making us feel older and less attractive than our peers. Optimal anti-thinning regimes include certain lifestyle practices that can avoid thinning and increase scalp health. Consider these:

  • Stop using harsh chemicals, including straight-minoxidil products, which can irritate.
  • Exercise regularly to improve circulation, lower stress, and reduce androgen levels naturally.
  • Use a comb, gently, instead of a brush.
  • Seek treatment for medical conditions.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Discontinue birth-control pills.

After applying Revita with a gentle massage, leave it on the scalp for one to two minutes before rinsing. Repeat and leave it on the scalp for three to five minutes. If desired, follow with a high-quality conditioner such as Revita Conditioner. For optimal results, Revita should be used at least five times per week.


Despite the many scientific advances of the last decade, most treatments still work best in the early stages of thinning. In the first 10 or 15 years of shedding, follicles retain their potential. After 15 or 20 years, however, fewer have that potential. Using Revita shampoo, especially in conjunction with a topical formulations such as Nanoxidil or Spectral.DNC-S, allows users to address thinning with minimal cost and without any pain or intrusive procedures.


Based on 10 reviews
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  1. Brat

    Quick delivery and great service. I have been using this shampoo for a while to stop my hair loss.

  2. Phill

    First time I bought a shampoo online. I like this shampoo very much. It feels nice to the scalp and my hair appears thicker.

  3. Martijn

    I have some doubts if any shampoo will be really effectice against hair loss. My itch is gone and my hair looks fantastisch. I have only use it once but am already very positive.

  4. Wim

    For many years my favourite shampoo. Always have the big bottle in my shower.

  5. Yaza

    Less itch and good looking hair, love this shampoo.

  6. Adas

    I first order the 100ml to give it a try. Really like the shampoo so now gonna try the bigger ones.

  7. Frans

    Good texture, smells nice.

  8. Willem

    Totally love this shampoo. The itch has gone and my hair looks much fuller. I ordered it online and recevied it the day after, great.

  9. Fernandes

    Delivered the next days; feels nice on the scalp. Takes some time to get used to the orange colour, but suppose this makes it more special.

  10. Gerald

    Great shampoo, feels nice on the skin. Whether it works is to be determined later; but for now I keep using it.

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