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Shampoo is the absolute ground layer for healthy hair. If you get this wrong it will affect every other treatment you might consider. Therefore it is important to know which shampoo’s suits you and can help you to prevent hair loss. A good hair growth shampoo will provide the required nutrients to your hair follices, while being free from irritating and harsh ingredients.

What is  a good shampoo against hair loss?

A shampoo that is designed to fight against hair loss contains certain ingredients that have been shown to improve hair growth and diminish the loss of hair. Usually they work by blocking DHT and therefore slowing down or reversing hair loss. As a second function a shampoo should not contain any ingredients that can be harmful or irritating to scalp , as this might cause damage to the hair follicles. Ingredients that can irritate the scalp are for example SLS or other aggressive cleaning substances.

Shampoo should help to improve the health of the scalp and maintain an optimal environment for the hair follicles to grown. Often these shampoos also help you to create more volume, helping to make thin hair look thick again.

Best shampoo against hair loss

Revita Shampoo

Our most popular shampoo to battle hair loss. Revita has proven its effectiveness for years; and has been our most selling shampoo for multiple years in a row. A combination of scientifically proven ingredients to promote hair growth and the fact that it contains no harmful substances make this a very high quality shampoo.

  • Contains Rooibos, MSM and Biotin.
  • With Apple Polyphenol, an ingredient that is shown to be more effective than Minoxidil.
  • Nourishes the hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth.
  • Caffeine and Carnitine promote absorption of the ingredients.

Revita shampoo

Neofollics Shampoo

Neofollics shampoo is developed in the Netherlands and shows promising results. They base their ingredients on the latest medical and cosmetic research, and on top of that perform their own research studies.

  • Stimulates Hair growth.
  • Contains 1% Piroctone Olamine.
  • With seven powerful natural plant extracts.
  • Argan oil and Cornmin Oil nourish the scalp and your hair.


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