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Supplements against hair loss

By 7 March 2016May 7th, 2020No Comments

Hair loss comes from within; it’s your body that damage the hair follicles which can cause long-term hair loss. In order to reduce this effect, it is possible to take supplements. These supplements are typically in the form of a pill that you take a daily basis.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss is largely caused by DHT, an aggressive hormone that can cause the hair follicles shrink and eventually die. Under a bodily enzyme 5-alpha-reductase testosterone is converted to DHT. Most supplements reduce this conversion, or go against the amount of free DHT. When DHT is reduced, the chance of hair loss is also smaller.



TRX2 is described as an alternative to finasteride. It promotes hair growth and gives the hair more volume. TRX2 is a dietary supplement containing a patented complex of potassium, Carnipure ™ tartrate (L-Carnitine tartrate), BCAA, Nicotinic acid and essential nutrients.

From 2 pieces also get an additional discount.

Keratene Alphactive Retard

Keratene alphactive retard capsules

This supplement specifically acts on the enzyme which ensures that testosterone is converted to DHT. This reduces the free DHT thus reducing the chance of shrinking the hair follicles and weaken.

In this way is slowed down hereditary hair loss and to keep the hair longer healthy and strong. Beginning in 2016 this product is improved and more effective.

In one package contains 60 capsules, enough for 1 month.