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5 myths surrounding hair loss

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There are quite a few myths about hair loss. Because hair loss is such a lengthy process, it often is difficult to determine the cause. In this article we discuss some myths and fables surrounding hair loss, so you do not here kicks anyway!

Myth 1: A hat creates hair loss

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No! A cap, hat or anything else on your head does not cause hair loss. Your hair grows from the inside (under your scalp), and also get nutrients from your bloodstream. It can not choke by wearing a cap. Note: Make sure your pet is not too tight. When your scalp afbind this can reduce circulation causing or may cause damage to the hair. The same phenomenon can occur with highlights and extensions.

In men, hair loss is often caused by genetic factors, not wearing a hat. Indeed, in the sun can be good to wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp from the sun.

Make sure your pet does is clean. If you sweat a lot on your mind, wash your pet than regular.

Myth 2: Hair loss comes from your mother’s side

The research here is not 100% clear yet, but it seems that your father’s side as playing a major role as your mother’s side. Thus, it is not limited to the side of your mother; and it is good to look at the hair loss in your whole family to see if you are here possibly sensitive. It seems, however, that particular hair loss is passed through the X chromosome, which you get from your mother. But other research shows that there are more factors, which also male genes play a big role in hair loss. When your father is suffering from hair loss is more likely that you will also get affected.

Myth 3: Only men suffer from hair loss

This myth seems to have left the world by now, but to avoid any misunderstanding: women, unfortunately, suffer from hair loss! Where men, the percentages add up to more than 90%, also less than 40% of women suffer from hair loss! Not only genetic factors play a role, even hormonal changes can affect.

Myth 4: Hair Loss occurs as you get older

norwood_scaleHet is inderdaad zo dat naarmate je ouder wordt de kans op haaruitval groter wordt. Bij mannen ouder dan 65 jaar heeft maar liefst 80% last van haaruitval. Maar helaas begint het niet altijd pas op late leeftijd. Ook op jonge leeftijd (zelfs vanaf 16 jaar) kan haaruitval optreden. Bij vrouwen ligt deze leeftijd gelukkig iets hoger, maar ook al vanaf je 20e.  Indien ernstige haaruitval op jonge leeftijd begint en zeer direct verloopt is het belangrijk om de oorzaak hiervan te achterhalen.

Myth 5: Stress causes hair loss

Yes and no. It is quite normal (and even healthy degree) to have a little stress. Everyone in his life stressed, but not all stress makes your hair fall out. Particularly stress caused by highly emotional events, such as the loss of a loved one, can cause hair loss. Think of an event that make you sleep poorly, are no longer hungry and have everyday stress. Fortunately, the hair grows back normally after the stress is less or stops.