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Causes of Hair Loss

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photo 2Hair loss can cause a lot of extra care and stress. Although it is more common in men, too many women suffer from hair loss. In many cases, there are ways to counteract this hair loss, but it is important to know the reason or cause of hair loss.


This applies to both physical and emotional stress. Consider also recovering after a serious illness or operation; but also emotional stress because you are going through a difficult period, or because there’s something bad happened in your life. Hair loss due to stress can occur quickly, but recovered to normal after about 3 to 6 months after the cause has been stopped.

Please note there that stress is not always the main cause, but that may be an underlying problem highlighted by stress. For example if you are suffering from hereditary hair loss, stress can exacerbate this. A product that can help against this is Spectral F7.


Some women suffer from hair loss during pregnancy. This is usually after the birth and not during the pregnancy itself. Often this type of hair restored also after a number of months. Optionally, it is possible to use a thickening shampoo to hide thinning hair.


The reason¬†which causes by far the largest proportion of all hair loss, also known as ‘AGA’. In men walking the percentages up to 60/80% increasing age. Fortunately, this percentage among women less, but some women are also affected. When it occurs in the family is more likely. In hereditary hair loss Minoxidil is an effective remedy for hair loss.

protein deficiency

According to a survey in America can a shortage of protein care of hair loss. However, almost before they have a protein deficit in the Western world. Please note if you change example of diet or vegetarian is that you get enough protein. Often force the first symptoms 2 to 3 months after the change on.