Revita or Regenepure

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Often we receive the question what is the best shampoo against hair loss. Even though many products claim to have the solution, there are only a few that are real real winners. In this review we will talk about 2 of the most popular shampoo’s: Revita and Regenepure. These all contain high quality ingredients that help prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.


Revita shampooThis famous shampoo is the result of years of research by DS Laboratories. Revita is SLS free, contains a long list of supporting ingredients and feels pleasant on the scalp. Before there was a problem of the Revita bottle opening and leaking, but this has by now been resolved.

Revita itself has an orange color, smells good and feels comfortable on the skin. The renowned blog ‘honest about hair loss’ named this the number one shampoo against hair loss.


This is perhaps the biggest competitor Revita. It also contains some good ingredients. It has a bit of a minty color and scent. We have both shampoos tested and ultimately our choice fell on Revita because it feels more comfortable on the scalp and makes hair softer. By looking at many reviews online the general consensus seems in favor of Revita.