You’ve probably heard more often about “parabens” and “shampoo without parabens, but what is this? And why you should care or not here? Is it important to get a product without parabens or does it not really matter?

What are Parabens


It consists of a number of different chemical ingredients which ensure that a product remains longer good (retained). There are different types of parabens and find them back in various articles. Usually you can find them in products where a lot of water in here because the chance of bacteria increases, and parabens significant development of bacteria against gaan.Je often found in cosmetics such as shampoo and toothpaste.

As you can read above, paraben added to let go with the product longer. Thanks to its inhibitory effect on bacteria is a good preservative. The death several types of fungi that can not multiply and spoil the product. Thanks to this cheap means keep products longer shelf life and find them so almost anywhere in return.

Are Parabens dangerous?

Since 1950, we know that parabens works well against bacteria and fungi, but in recent years there have been a number of studies that parabens have been linked to health risks caused by absorption through the skin. For example, this study of Reading.

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One of the studies showed that parabens may disturb the correct functioning of hormones which creates a greater chance of vergifiting and breast cancer. Also were found by a British scientist parabens in several cancerous tumors.

While this is not the proof that these parabens were the cause of the cancer have found that parabens were not broken down by the body as a whole were present in the tumor. It would therefore appear that this material can be fully absorbed through the skin and is no longer degraded by the body. This makes the question arises to what extent it can accumulate in the body and can lead to dangerous situations, especially when used long-term.

With the above information, many people moved in recent years in products without parabens. In particular, people who are sensitive to (breast) cancer often have made the switch to better products. In particular, people with (breast) cancer is in the family to try to avoid this substance. Alternatives often use organic and natural ingredients that have the same positive effects without that there is a risk of side effects.

A low dose of parabens is officially approved safe for the body, but it is currently unclear whether the body over time can save this substance, which creates a higher dose.

Note that parabens exist in different forms, but always ending in “paraben” or “paraben”. Note the label in particular propyl, isobutylparabeen, ethyl paraben and butylparaben.

Alternative to parabens

More and more people switch to paraben free products, allowing manufacturers to follow this happy. We now also have a wide range of products without parabens.

At this time we do not know the precise effects of parabens on the body yet. While the investigations are ongoing, it may be wise to avoid or at least reduce parabens.