swell logoUltimate volume for your hair, who would not want that?
Shampoo, conditioner, mask and more hair growth; Swell makes it happen.

Swell 3-step system

The three steps of Swell system promised ultimate volume for your hair.
The products consist of at least 97% organic ingredients, SLS and Parabens are free and provide the best possible ingredients to your hair.
Step 1 is their Swell Shampoo your hair clean without irritation. Thanks to the mild ingredients let your hair clean and fresh behind.
Step two is their Swell Volume Conditioner. Packed products that year give a boost and provide wonderful volume. Your hair remains immaculate and well behind.
Step 3 is their secret touch, their nutrients;  Swell Root Nutrient Complex. Provides power to your hair follicles, reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.


Swell is a true revolution worldwide. Backed by large leaves and brands STYLIST and VOGUE.
Winner of the Beauty Award Shortlist 2014.




In addition to their 3-step system Swell 2 products pamper your hair and grooming, with her mask and Swell Swell Dry Shampoo. Ideal for travel.


How should I use Swell?

One such quality product also has a clear and simple instructions.
You can find this information on every product page; and the video below summarizes again all together.