Last week we wrote very enthusiastic about the new Swell products, and others begin now to notice!
Several magazines and websites have the Swell shampoo and conditioners already received much praise and positive reviews written.
Below we write a ‘free translation’ the GQ-magazine:

Do you see more and more hair in the shower drain? Then it might be time for the next step. Finally, it is much easier to keep your hair than to replace it once it’s gone. Unfortunately, the hair industry is responding by overloading the shelves with anti-hair loss products which they do not all work long. However, one of the most impressive shampoos which we have recently tested is Swell Shampoo.

Swell tegen haaruitval This new 3-step system is the result of a collaboration between Andrew Bidwell; a well-priced hairstylist, and Jonathan Stallich; a homeopath e skin expert. They realized that really good products for thin hair were missing in the market for natural hair care products. They are easy to understand and truly natural system designed for anyone who suffers from thinning hair. With immediate results and stronger and fuller hair after longer use. It promotes hair growth and hair loss will stop.

The products contain no less than 97 per cent natural ingredients. The Swell Shampoo contains Lepidium Meyenil that the hair follicles actively encourages and promotes hair growth. The Swell Conditioner contains Lupinus angustifolius, which improves the strength and elasticity of the hair. The Swell Root Nutrient complex, a light mist and apply to the hair root contains Malas Domsetica that prevents hair loss. When you use these together work together to thin to improve its three products by combining 18 natural ingredients.

The impressive scientific ingredients left there, what does this really your hair? Clinical studies show an indication of 93% improvement in hair growth and reducing hair loss in 50 percent. In other words: hair follicles crisis averted!