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3 Sexy Hairstyles for Ladies

By 24 February 2015October 1st, 2018No Comments

The secret to sexy hair is in soft, loose hair and cuddly.
Avoid tight and stuck on hairstyles, but do move it and give it a lot of volume.

Below we highlight three hairstyles that are totally hip.

1. Sexy WavesSexy Curls voor dames modern kapsel

Use a curling iron for this sexy hairstyle.
Make sure your hair is dry and brush thoroughly.
Divide your hair into about 12 sections and curl all these areas about 10 seconds around your curling iron.
The best thing to do right after fix the curl with a clip so that they can hold reserves during cooling.

Make sure you do not let long hair around the curling iron as it can damage considerably.

Tip: Give your hair extra volume with a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. The ‘Halo’

also here make sure your hair is dry and well combed.
Divide your hair into 5-6 sections from your hairline to the crown; and secure it with rubber bands or clips.Make sure you leave enough one (round) space to create a large, loose Halo.

Now take each section and divide it into two pieces. Add each half to the adjacent section, which creates a gentle rotated halo effect. Bring clips during this process.If this is successful, you can still attach the ends of your hair under the halo.

3. The loose bun

Een knotje maken

Gather your hair at the back of your head.
Choose in advance whether you want it rather in the middle or on the side of your head and secure it loosely with rubber bands (make sure it is not too tight).

Pick up the remaining length of your hair and tie it into a loose bun on your head.

Then use clips or tabs to fix the elastic knot to the previously used. Let this single hair strands (deliberately) hang loose, creating a casual and natural look. Do not make it too perfect!

It’s even better if you use a fine needle that extra illumines.