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Best Shampoo 2015

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Every year we publish a list of the best shampoos of the year.
We have also held this year opened our eyes and ears for you to offer the best shampoos.
Our number one last year is still in the list, but there are also some newcomers!

Shampoo van Hanz de Fuko5. Hanz de Fuko Shampoo

Worldwide, a beloved brand. Hanz the Fuko delivers luxury shampoos packed with natural ingredients. This Hanz Fuko the shampoo contains over 16 natural plantenextracnten and another 10 amino acids that support her. It promotes hair growth and causes the scalp to relax. Also this shampoo does not contain SLS or Parabens.


natural Ingredients
SLS-free and paraben
Care of the scalp and promotes hair growth


Versterkende Shampoo van Billy Jeaslousy4. Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic

Winner of multiple awards for best shampoo in its category. Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic shampoo has been developed to combat hair loss, and to reduce DHT. It makes for healthy and strong hair and reduce hair loss.


Multiple awards for best shampoo
reduces DHT
reduces hair loss
Without SLS and parabens
Cleanses the scalp and promotes blood circulation


Jason Think to Thick shampoo3. JASON Thin to Thick Shampoo

Last year, even in the series, and now risen again. This JASON Thin to Thick Shampoo is making a real advance. At various forums praised by users because of the delicate fragrance, pleasant bottle and especially the thicker hair. This shampoo is designed for men who suffer from hair loss. Gives the hair more volume and strengthens thin and lifeless hair. JASON is known for its natural ingredients, of course, SLS free and without parabens.


  • Beloved in multiple forums
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Especially for men with thin hair
  • Leaves hair thicker visually
  • Fortified with biotin and natural proteines.
  • SLS-free and paraben


Swell Shampoo voor extra volume2. Swell Volume Shampoo

Completely new in this list, developed in London by specialists in the field of hair care. The Swell Shampoo provides stunning volume to your hair. In combination with the 3-step system you will be nursing her perfectly and looks radiant. Winner of the Beauty Award 2014 Short List Of course, without SLS and parabens.


  • Developed by experts
  • Provides maximum volume to your hair
  • Ensures perfect haircare
  • Fresh smell
  • Beauty Awards Winner Short list


Revita Shampoo van het merk DS Laboratories1. Revita Shampoo

How could it be otherwise, Revita shampoo is and remains our most popular shampoo. Packed with powerful ingredients that prevent hair loss, scalp to calm and itching to go. The perfect combination for thick and healthy hair. The separate color, fresh scent and the lovely bottle of shampoo still give that little bit extra. This shampoo was also our number one last year; and has its place again more than earned this year. The packaging and bottle have been improved and DS Laboratories is working constantly to the content. The correct dosage Ketoconazole helps with MSM, biotin and Rooibos to prevent hair loss. The shampoo adds volume to thin hair and is the perfect tool to combat thinning hair.


Packed with powerful ingredients
Goes against hair loss
Prevents itchy scalp
With Ketoconazole, MSM, biotin and Rooibos
Exquisite packaging, bottle, color and fresh fragrance


That’s it again. The best shampoo of 2015.

Do you agree or do you miss a shampoo?
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