You are going on a holiday. Sun Sea Beach; delicious! But your hair will find it less fun. Keep your hair clean and shining with these 10 holiday tips to keep your hair healthy

  1. haar zomerPreparation! Prevention rather than cure. By exposing your hair to the sun dries quickly. Its points that were already dry fragile and break down. hydrate enough before you go so in the sun.
  2. Use a good mask for your hair before you go on holiday. An excellent choice is the award-winning Swell hair mask.
  3. Those wonderful pools contain much chlorine; and that’s bad for your hair. If you previously used a good conditioner you recognized her just the right ingredients of your conditioner instead of harsh chlorine. This will prevent these harmful parts come into your hair.
  4. Extra tip: Make your hair wet with clean water before you go in the chlorinated water.
  5. Your hair becomes lighter in the sun; especially if you have colored hair. Keep this in advance note and perhaps take darker than usual touch.
  6. Avoid products with silicone, though we do this really is not more to say. This silicone give an artificial shine to the hair, but avoid the good ingredients of a conditioner are included. It creates a kind of film that will make hair dry quickly.
  7. Strange but true, if you are warm your scalp will be warm and beautiful wave in your hair quickly disappear. Keeps while blow-drying your wrists a few seconds under the cold water. This cools your body within a few seconds off. Do not believe it? Stylists use this all over the world during photo shoots.
  8. Complete your hair by applying a little dry shampoo after the blow dry, as the Swell dry shampoo with unique spray system. This will prevent oil and sweat in your hair is causing your hair remains in model.
  9. Use UV protection for your hair.
  10. For protection in style with the new scarves, full of color and perfect to protect your hair down. Remember: your hair get nourishment from within. So wear a cap or hat can not harm your hair.

Original text by Andrew Bidwell, one of the most famous stylists in London.