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Melaniq Food Supplement for Hair Pigmentation

As you age, your chances of going grey increase because hair follicles start losing the ability to produce pigmented hair. 74% of men and women go significantly grey, for various reasons, between the ages of 45 and 65, usually having started the process in their thirties. A study[?] to determine the factors associated with aging predictably showed that greying hair makes people look older than they actually are. Having recognised that the premature ageing of hair is an important issue, a team of scientists in Oxford have come up with a solution.
By combining powerful active ingredients that can help maintain normal hair pigmentation, they have developed a unique formula to help people take control of greying hair. The result of this development is Melaniq®, a patent-pending food supplement for hair pigmentation. Based on natural ingredients, three capsules of Melaniq® taken per day can contribute to normal hair pigmentation and the maintenance of natural hair colour and appearance.

What I can expect?

  • Support of normal hair pigmentation.
  • The supply of important nutrients necessary for melanin biosynthesis that can help to slow down the process of greying.*
  • No major side effects.
  • No hormone interference.

What I should not expect?

  • Total reversal of grey hair. Melaniq® is developed for men and women who are experiencing greying, or those wishing to delay the onset of grey hair. The effect on more advanced stages of greying will be less pronounced.
  • An immediate effect. Taking Melaniq® regularly and over a prolonged period of time is critical to success.

How does Melaniq Work

The activity of the enzyme at the heart of hair pigment production, tyrosinase, is dependent on the availability of copper, which is needed for and built into the active centre of tyrosinase. It has been shown that people suffering from premature greying have a reduced level of copper in their serum[?]. Insufficient supply of copper results in the reduced activity of tyrosinase and hence in a reduced pigment production, which subsequently will lead to grey hair.
Melaniq® can help to restore healthy copper levels and thus contribute to the maintenance of your hair colour.The molecular structure from a Streptomyces tyrosinase[?]

Melaniq® is a patent-pending, drug-free food supplement produced using natural based ingredients. It is designed to contribute to normal hair pigmentation.

Directions: Take three capsules per day with food. You may take all three capsules together or at separate times. The daily recommended dosage should not be exceeded.


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