Revivogen Pro – Scalp Cleanser


  • Unique gel for all hair types
  • Removes sebum, skin flakes, product build up and dead skin cells
  • Creates the best situation for hair growth
  • Gives hair follicles extra energy that improves scalp circulation
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Brand: Revivogen

Revivogen PRO Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser

Revivogen PRO Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser is an exfoliating gel that removes dead skin cells, excess sebum and skin flakes.

This premium deep cleanser exfoliates and cleanses the scalp. It also gives hair follicles extra energy and prepares the scalp for an even better absorption of Revivogen PRO Scalp Therapy.

Revivogen PRO Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser softly tickles the scalp and smells great.


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